Common Airbag Injuries to Watch Out For

When you suffer an injury in an auto accident, you should seek medical attention. Sometimes, injuries are caused by airbags. These injuries can often be treated by the staff at East Coast Injury Clinic. Let\’s look at some of the most common airbag injuries from car accidents.

Top 5 Common Airbag Injuries from Car Accidents

1. Chest Injuries

A very commonly suffered airbag injury is an injury to the chest. This can happen when the airbag deploys fast and hard and hits the body in the chest. You might suffer broken bones in the chest or a soft tissue injury. Broken ribs are the most common airbag injury to the chest.

2. Back and Neck Injuries

You can suffer an injury to your back or your neck when an airbag deploys. The impact of the airbag can cause whiplash or another type of soft tissue injury. You might not even notice the injury right away, but you should still see a chiropractor if you\’re feeling stiffness in the back or neck.

3. Face Injuries

Due to the positions of most airbags, it\’s common for an auto accident to cause a face injury. This airbag injury happens when the airbag saves you from hitting the windshield. However, the force of the airbag can cause a fracture to the fragile face bones, especially around the eyes.

You might even suffer temporary or permanent blindness, in some cases. Concussions may also be caused by an airbag deploying and hitting you in the face.

4. Fetal Trauma

If you\’re in an auto accident and you\’re pregnant, you might suffer fetal trauma from the airbag deploying. In more serious causes, this can lead to miscarriage if the airbag hits the abdomen.

5. Brain Injuries

While brain injuries are a bit less common when it comes to airbag injuries, they can occur. If your head hits the surface of the airbag hard enough, it can cause a brain injury. This could lead to contusions on the brain, concussions, or headaches after the accident.

Other common airbag injuries suffered in car accidents include:

  • Burns to the chest, arms, or hands
  • Lacerations to your internal organs
  • Abrasions to the upper body
  • Contusions to the knees, chest, face, arms, or internal organs
  • Asthma attacks
  • Eye injuries
  • Heart muscle rupture
  • Chemical irritation
  • Hearing loss

The chemicals that are released when the airbag deploys may irritate the skin or lungs, as well. While there are several potential airbag injuries, most of these injuries can be treated and healed properly. However, some airbag injuries can be more serious than others.

Seeking Treatment After an Auto Accident

Airbag injuries are not the only auto accident injuries you might suffer. However, they are rather common and can happen even in a minor accident.

Even if you don\’t feel pain or an injury right away, you should seek treatment after an auto accident. Some common airbag injuries may not show up right away. With the right chiropractic care, you can heal properly from most airbag injuries.