How to Manage Back Pain after an Auto Accident

How to Manage Back Pain after an Auto Accident

An auto accident can lead to many different injuries. You might have a back injury, which may seem minor, at first, but it can become rather significant. When an auto accident injury is interrupting your life, it\’s time to figure out how to manage the pain.

Common Back Injuries from Auto Accidents

There are many common auto accidents injuries that can impact your back. Some of the most common include:

  •   Thoracic Spine Injuries – This can be a very serious type of back injury that impacts the upper back.
  •   Herniated Discs – A very common injury from a car accident is a herniated disc. This type of injury can cause quite a bit of pain and it can be sudden and intense pain.
  •   Lumbar Spine Injuries – This area of the back is made up of the five largest vertebrae and some of the strongest muscles in the spine. An injury to the lumbar areas can be rather painful.
  •   Spinal Cord Injuries – A very serious back injury from auto accidents are injuries to the spinal cord. This type of injury can cause massive issues and a ton of pain in your back.

If you feel pain or weakness in your back, you might need help managing the pain. It may come along with stiffness, headaches, numbness, and other symptoms, as well.

5 Ways to Manage Back Pain from a Car Accident

1. Rest

When the pain starts in your back, one of the best things you can do is rest. This type of treatment can give you some temporary relief and help your body repair the damage. However, if you stay in bed too long, it can actually make things worse.

2. Heat and Ice

Of course, one of the top ways to treat your back pain is with heat and ice. You can alternate between the two to help with back pain. Ice will help to control the inflammation and swelling, while heat can increase the blood flow to the area.

3. See a Chiropractor

One of the best types of treatment for your back pain is chiropractic care. You can gain the help you need to eliminate nerve compression and train your muscles to realign properly. It\’s common to gain relief through chiropractic care.

4. Use Pain Medication

While it\’s not the best option, sometimes, pain medication can help give you the temporary relief you need. Pain relievers can help give you the relief you need to rest properly. However, it\’s important to be very careful using pain medication.

5. Physical Therapy

Going through physical therapy can be a great way to help you get the relief you need for back pain. Usually, physical therapy includes stretching and specific exercises in your daily routine. You may do it at home or it may be an appointment you go to with an actual physical therapist.

When you\’re struggling to manage back pain after an auto accident, you can use these options to help. Of course, seeing the right chiropractor can make a big difference, too.