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Top Benefits of Chiropractic Care

If you’re suffering from some form of chronic pain, you are far from alone as tens of millions of Americans suffer from similar challenges. Yet many common options such as medications and surgeries can not only be prohibitively expensive, but pose dangers for patients or even ultimately turn out to be less than effective.

As more people seek out affordable alternatives and remedies for pain relief, chiropractic treatment and care continues to grow in adoption, including for those suffering from neck and back pain.

If you’re on the fence, consider some of the leading benefits for why you may want to consider obtaining chiropractic care to address your health challenges.

  • Reduction of reliance on prescription drugs and medicinal approaches. By now, few Americans have been left untouched by the opioid epidemic, fueled in large part by easy access and abuse of prescription drugs. People who visit chiropractors have been statistically found to be less likely to seek out opioid prescriptions compared to those who only visit a doctor – and accordingly less likely to develop long-term addiction and abuse challenges.
  • Easing of symptoms associated with headaches. Spinal manipulation services can create enormous benefits in treating headaches and tension headaches in particular.
  • Improved digestion and ease ingesting food.
  • Improved quality of sleep and rest; your chiropractor may also make recommendations about optimal sleeping positions – i.e. think not sleeping on your stomach – or measures you may want to consider like getting a supportive mattress or pillow.
  • Improves posture. Taking on chiropractic treatment can help you to correct poor posture and habits you may have developed from long periods of sitting or a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Boosting fitness and athletic performance. Reduced pain and increased joint mobility can help to lead to breakthroughs in athletics and sport performance.
  • Improved blood pressure without the need for costly high blood pressure medications that may produce adverse unintended consequences.
  • Affordability. Compared to other treatment options for chronic back pain, chiropractic care is a cheaper option including for Medicare recipients, while yielding higher levels of satisfaction.

Contrary to popular belief, you can also benefit from chiropractic care as a proactive measure even if you aren’t currently addressing or experiencing some level of pain. Investing today in your capacity to stay nimble and respond to pain can pay big dividends over time as you age. 80% of American citizens will encounter some type of lower back pain at some point in their lives; take action now to avoid being one of those statistics and provide pain relief for your body before you really need it.

Intrigued with seeking out some of these positive benefits associated with receiving chiropractic care? You may want to consult with medical professionals on the best steps forward for you. If you’re experiencing pain and seeking solutions for how to more effectively cope, contact our team at East Coast Injury.