Top Ways to Minimize Back Pain at Work in the Office or at Home

When you work a desk job in an office or at home, you might struggle with back pain. There are ways to deal with your back pain, however. If you have to work a desk job, you can use the tips below to help minimize your back pain.

4 Tips to Help Minimize Back Pain When Working at a Desk

1. Know the Issue

Before you can solve the issue, you need to understand what the issue is and why you are suffering from back pain. It might be an equipment issue or it could be an issue of not taking enough breaks.

Before you can tackle the issue causing your back pain, you should narrow down the issue. Some issues are pretty easy to solve, while others are not so easy to solve.

2. Upgrade your Equipment

If possible, upgrade your desk equipment to give you a better setup. Back pain often comes from the setup you\’re using. Without the right equipment, you could struggle with back pain and there might only be a little bit that you can do about it.

Getting an Ergonomic setup can make a difference. This includes the right level for your computer screen. It should be at eye level and about an arm\’s length from your body. You can also get an ergonomic keyboard, mouse, desk, and chair. Setting these items up properly also makes a big difference.

3. Exercise, Massage, and Posture

While you might not be able to do as much as you would like about your equipment, you can use exercise, massage, and better posture to help. However, posture changes are difficult because we tend to fall back into old habits.

Taking regular breaks every hour to get up and do a little exercise can help. It can also be helpful to get regular massages or to see a chiropractor regularly. Stretching can also help when you struggle with back pain.

4. Taking Well-Timed Breaks

One of the biggest things people miss is taking the right number of breaks, at the right time. When you sit at a desk for six to eight hours, it can cause quite a bit of back pain. Taking breaks can help you to reduce your back pain, however.

Breaks can be short or long. Whether it\’s a 30-second break away from your computer or a longer lunch break, it\’s important to take plenty of breaks.

Even if you take a short 30-second break to stretch your neck or rootage your wrists after typing, it can make a pretty big difference. Taking micro-breaks to stand, stretch, or do a quick exercise can also help quite a bit with your back pain.

There are many ways to better manage your back pain when you work in an office or at home. With the right help, you can keep your back from getting out of control. If you\’re suffering from back pain, it can also help to see a chiropractor regularly. Your chiropractor can give you even more tips to help you minimize your back pain when working at a desk.