What is a Herniated Disc from an Auto Accident and How to treat it?

A herniated disc is a rather common injury to suffer after an auto accident. It might go unnoticed and you might not seek the medical treatment you need. The pain can continue and keep you from living a normal life. If you\’ve been injured in an auto accident, it might be a herniated disc.

What is a Herniated Disc?

The discs are found between the vertebrae of the spine and act as shock absorbers in the spine. They are a buffer that allows the body to easily move and bend.
When a disc tears, it\’s known as a herniated disc. This type of injury can lead to neck, back, arm, and leg pain. It\’s rare to have a herniated disc in the mid-back. Instead, this type of injury often happens in the lower back or the neck.

Herniated Disc Symptoms

You may suffer a variety of different symptoms if you have a herniated disc from an auto accident. The symptoms are often worse during movement and tend to get better with rest.

If you have a herniated lumbar disc (in the lower back), you will likely feel severe leg pain called sciatica. You may even suffer from foot pain. Tingling, muscles weakness and numbness in the legs can also be rather common.
When you\’re dealing with a herniated disc in the neck, it\’s called a herniated cervical disc. This type of herniated disc may be accompanied by pain between the shoulder blades and tingling or numbness in the arms.

How to Treat a Herniated Disc

There are several successful ways to treat the pain from a herniated disc. If you\’ve been injured in an auto accident, you should always seek medical help. Depending on the severity and the type of injury you suffered, you might need one of the following options:

  • Chiropractic Care – A very popular and successful way to treat a herniated disc, chiropractic care can help relieve the pain and get you back to normal.
  • Physical Therapy – Often, you will need to work with a physical therapist to alleviate the pressure on the nerve. The right program can help to loosen tight muscles and improve circulation.
  • Surgery – If you have a large herniated disc, you may need surgery. It could injury your bowel or bladder nerves, which can cause bigger issues. Spine decompression surgery may be necessary, in some cases.
  • Medication – Anti-inflammatory pain medication may be prescribed for temporary relief.
  • Spinal Injections – An epidural steroid injection or a nerve block may be used to help relieve the pain, as well. This can help the body to heal faster.

If you\’ve suffered an injury in an auto accident, it\’s time to seek medical help. Maybe you have a herniated disc and chiropractic care can help you get back to normal. No matter the type of back injury you have suffered, you need the right treatment to get you back to normal. Without medical treatment, you might be suffering from pain that could have been relieved.