What is the Florida personal injury protection rule

What is the Florida personal injury protection rule

There are several parts that go along with the personal injury protection (PIP) rule in Florida. This specific law has everything to do with protecting those that have suffered from a personal injury due to an accident. When the accident was caused due to negligence, this rule helps protect those suffering from emotional distress, physical injury, lost income, or anything that could lead to permanent scarring.

It\’s important to look at some of the different aspects of the Florida personal injury protection rule to better understand it.

No-Fault Car Insurance in Florida

One of the main parts of the personal injury protection rule in Florida is the no-fault car insurance or PIP insurance. PIP covers lost income, medical bills, and other damages. You just have at least $10,000 in PIP protection if you want to drive a vehicle in Florida.

This is the most common portion of the PIP rule and most personal injury claims come from car accidents. If you were in an accident and suffered severe and critical injuries, you can file a personal injury case against the party that caused the accident. Serious injuries include death, any permanent injury, any injury causing permanent or significant disfigurement, and any injury causing significant or permanent loss.

Dog Bites and Attacks

Another part of the PIP rule in Florida has to do with dog bites and attacks. Anytime a dog bite has occurred, the dog owner is held liable, no matter the past behavior of the dog. The dog owner must compensate the victim that was injured, which includes medical treatment and any further assistance needed due to the attack.

The state does take the actions of the victim into account, however. This can reduce the lability of the dog owner if the victim provoked or caused the attack.

Product Liability

The personal injury protection rule in Florida also covers those that have suffered an injury due to a product that was defective or dangerous. Manufacturers have to make sure their products are safe or they could be held liable for injuries.

Comparative Negligence Rules in Florida

The final part of the PIP rule in Florida is the comparative negligence rule. If both parties involved in an incident contributed to it, but one suffered more than the other, the comparative negligence rules are used.

For example, if the victim of a dog bit accidentally trespassed onto the dog owner\’s property, the dog owner may be held liable, but the liability may be reduced due to the actions of the victim. This can mean lower compensation.

The comparative negligence rules can apply to many different cases in Florida including dog bikes, car accidents, malpractice, and more.

Anytime the PIP rule in Florida applies, negligence will need to be proven. You will likely need to hire an attorney, but you will also want to seek medical care as soon as possible.

You want to make sure you work with a medical professional and have your injuries assessed. Sometimes, accidents cause injuries that don\’t show up right away.