Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Headaches after a Car Accident

You\’ve been in a car accident and ever since your headaches just won\’t go away. This should not be ignored.

Maybe you didn\’t break a bone or end up with an organ injury. However, many injuries start by showing up as a headache. This should not be ignored, as your headache could point to something more serious.

Why do I have Post-Accident Headaches?

There are several reasons why you might notice headaches after a car accident. These headaches can be debilitating and really interrupt your life. They can be a sign of a serious traumatic brain injury or a concussion.

Many victims have no idea they were injured until the headaches start. They might be delayed by a few hours or even days. Some of the common reasons you experience headaches include:

  •   Whiplash – Headaches can be a sign of whiplash. You may also feel dizziness, fatigue, and struggle to sleep with this injury.
  •   Concussion – Commonly, headaches mean you have a concussion from a car accident. This injury may also come with confusion, slurred speech, dizziness, and sleep issues.
  •   Fracture – A consistent headache after an accident could mean you have a fractured bone in your neck.
  •   Muscle strain – Sometimes, your headaches point to a muscle strain in your upper back or neck.
  •   Pinched nerve – If you pinched a nerve in your upper neck, it can cause headaches after an accident.
  •   Traumatic brain injury – The headaches you\’re dealing with could even cause a traumatic brain injury, even if it\’s mild.

These are the most common injuries you might be suffering from due to headaches after a car accident.

Emotional Distress Also Causes Headaches

While a physical injury is the most common reason for the headaches, emotional distress could be the reason, too. Car accidents can be rather traumatic. You might be suffering from emotional distress, which could be leading to headaches.

Is it Just a Minor Injury?

Many people think their headaches are only coming from a minor injury. Sure, this might be the case, in some situations. However, it could be even worse. Even a minor injury might cause plenty of pain.

Maybe your headaches only point to a muscle strain, so it doesn\’t seem like that big of a deal. However, the pain might keep you from going to work, which means lost wages. It can even make day-to-day activities easier.

Don\’t Ignore the Headaches

If you get headaches after a car accident, don\’t ignore them. See a chiropractor or medical professional and get a medical evaluation. Make sure you get the proper diagnosis and treatment. Never ignore headaches, even if they go away and come back after an accident.

Your headaches might be a sign of something much larger. Your injury might be minor or major, but the headaches are only one symptom. Make sure you get the help you need. Chiropractic treatment can certainly help to relieve the pain you are suffering from and the headaches.