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Whiplash. When you see that word, what do you picture? Many people immediately associate the word with auto accidents, and for good reason. Every single car crash will induce some level of whiplash. Pain is expected after an accident, but the cause–whiplash–needs to be brought to light and dealt with as the seriousness it is. This is often underestimated because it is often brushed off as “simple” neck pain, but it is a chronically complex issue.

Often after an accident people may not realize that they’ve experienced this trauma to the neck, and this could cause delay or even foregoing chiropractic treatment. According to Palmer Chiropractic, the motion of whipping any body part back and then forward like whiplash causes micro tears in surrounding ligaments. “Micro” may make this definition seem like a short-lived problem, but without proper attention a whiplash experience can be the start of a very long painful saga. Treating whiplash with a chiropractor’s help is the optimal way to restore full quality of life otherwise lost with the long-term consequences of whiplash.


Have you ever tried to crack a whip, or seen it done? Imagine the end of that rope… the way it curves back and then–WAP-PAAH–snaps forward into a completely different configuration. At the end of that whip, if anything was in the way, it has now endured an unforgettable experience, inducing pain by the sheer force. The whip itself didn’t break or suffer consequence because it is fully flexible, non-ligamented, non-jointed… A strip of leather, or perhaps cord.


Now imagine your neck as that piece of string, going through the pull back and slap motion. The difference? Your neck has ligaments, muscles, joints, nerves, connections that run all through your entire body. Whiplash happens in any situation where the neck (or any other part of the body) is aggressively flown back and then thrust forward in quick motion. When the whiplash movement occurs in the body, particularly in the neck, it causes micro tears, causing short-term pain with long-term impact.


Least of these chronic effects is ongoing pain, though when whiplash occurs in the neck, it begins to affect every other system. Due to the connection to the spine and brain, the impact of whiplash can cause any number of the following, whether acute or longer lasting.


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According to Mayo Clinic, most often the direct effects of whiplash will show in the first 24 hours after an incident. However, some may be longer in showing their unpretty faces, so be sure to get checked by your chiropractor promptly after an accident regardless of how many of these you think you have developed:

– neck pain/stiffness

– worsening of pain with neck movement

– loss of range of motion in the neck

– headaches (usually starting at the base of the skull)

– shoulder, upper back, or arm pain/tenderness

– numbness/tingling in arms

– fatigue

– dizziness


Less frequently whiplash victims may also experience blurry vision, tinnitus (ears ringing), disturbed sleep, irritability, difficulty concentrating, problems with memory, and/or depression. While these seem unrelated, they occur with the connective tissue distress caused when the neck was whipped and caused tears. The areas in which the neck connects with the spine and brain affect the nervous system as well.

Small Accident Big Pain

Never ignore neck pain, especially after an auto accident. The pain may seem small and you ignore it thinking this will be acute, short lived, and fixable with some ibuprofen. However, so many chronic problems arise after an accident that end up being “resolved” with surgery, medication, or more involved though unwanted additions to our lives. Visiting a chiropractic office to assess and care for the pain could be the difference of a life restored to full capacity or one full of physical setbacks and discomfort.


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