Sports Injury

Sports Injury

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One of life’s great joys is recreational sports, but they can turn into a nightmare when you experience a severe sports injury. It’s an especially acute challenge over time as our bodies experience greater wear and tear, and take longer to recover from injuries associated with recreational pastimes that we love.

Some common injuries include muscle strains, fractures, and overuse problems like bursitis.

Whether it’s an ACT tear, concussion, or ankle fracture, many athletes find themselves at some point related to pain related to a sports injury, regardless of their skill level or strength. It happens to high school, college, and recreational athletes alike – but it doesn’t have to end your playing days if you take a deliberate approach to recovery in collaboration with a trained professional.

Our team at East coast Injury treats each sports injury and each patient as a unique case, with personalized treatment plans designed to help them achieve specific goals and ideally get back to doing what they love on the playing field as soon as possible, or transition to lower impact activities that can also drive joy.

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Sports Injury

Sports Injury Recovery Plan in Jacksonville

While each plan will vary, it often includes an initial phase of recovery focused on stabilizing the injury – think of the arm sling you might have worn when experiencing an injury earlier in life. The next phases will focus on regaining strength, flexibility, and balance. Activity-specific drills can also help patients to retrain their body and regain the skills necessary to safely return to the sport they love, whether it’s running, football, tennis, or any other activity.

While most athletes do ultimately return to their sport, even after serious injuries, it’s crucial to nor rush the process, risk re-injury, and upset the delicate balance of recovery. By re-injuring the same tissue, you run the risk of chronically weakening muscles and joints, and ultimately extending the cycle of injury. Whether you have hurt your knees getting ready for a marathon or throw out your back with a golf swing, you have many options available for treatment and rejuvenation.

If you’re experiencing some of these signs of sports injuries and seeking solutions for how to more effectively cope, contact our team at East Coast Injury. You’ll benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience in treating others who have come through our doors with similar injuries. Our goal is to help get you back on the street and back to your life. You can learn more about our services and how to contact us at https://eastcoastinjury.com/.