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At East Coast Injury Clinic, we provide expert treatment for Sciatica, a condition often causing pain through the lower back and legs. With over a decade of experience, our highly skilled specialists employ a patient-focused and holistic approach to guarantee thorough, state-of-the-art care. 

Our therapeutic methods have earned us a remarkable reputation with over 400 5-star reviews, reinforcing our commitment to delivering exceptional chiropractic services. We take pride in being an inclusive clinic, welcoming all patients, including those from the LGBTQ+ community. Discover the East Coast Injury Clinic difference and find relief from your Sciatica symptoms in a welcoming and professional environment.


- "Decade-Long Expertise in Chiropractic Care"
- "400+ Glowing Five-Star Reviews"
- "Inclusive, LGBTQ+ Friendly Environment"
- "Innovative, State-of-the-Art Care"
- "Specialist in Sciatica Treatment"

Sciatica Chiropractor in St Augustine, FL


At East Coast Injury Clinic, we’re dedicated to providing holistic, patient-focused, and therapeutic chiropractic services right here in St Augustine, FL. If you’re suffering from sciatica, we’re here to help. Our approach to care is designed to address the root cause of your pain, not just the symptoms. 

We’ll work closely with you to create a custom treatment plan that may include spinal adjustments, stretches, and other therapies. We don’t simply want to alleviate your current discomfort—we’re committed to helping you prevent future flare-ups and achieve lasting relief.

Trust East Coast Injury Clinic For Patient-Centered Sciatica Relief in St Augustine, FL

At East Coast Injury Clinic, we’ve been catering to the chiropractic needs of St. Augustine, FL for over a decade. Our dedication to being patient-centered drives us to provide excellent chiropractic services specifically tailored to each individual. We comprehend how debilitating sciatica can be and our expert team is ready to help you manage your pain and regain your mobility.

Our team believes in prioritizing our patients. We acknowledge that dealing with sciatica is not just about addressing the physical pain, but also managing the stress and emotional toll it can take. We’re not just here to treat your symptoms, we’re here to support you through your recovery journey. We’ve been in this industry for over 10 years and we take pride in our ability to provide personalized care plans that address the unique needs of every patient.

We offer a variety of services designed to alleviate your sciatica symptoms:

* Spinal decompression therapy to relieve pressure on your sciatic nerve

* Physical rehabilitation exercises to strengthen your back and improve flexibility

* Nutritional guidance to support your overall health and well-being

* Massage therapy to stimulate blood flow and promote healing

Our dedicated team is with you every step of the way, armed with the expertise and commitment to help you reclaim your life from the grips of sciatica. Trust East Coast Injury Clinic to provide patient-centered chiropractic care that can help you live a pain-free life.

Experience Lasting Relief from Sciatica Pain

Experiencing sciatica pain? We’ve seen it all too often. It starts as a mild ache in the lower back or buttock, but before you know it, the pain intensifies, shooting down the leg, leaving you in agony. It’s not just about the pain, it’s about the impact it has on your life. Whether it’s preventing you from playing with your kids, walking your dog, or simply sitting comfortably, sciatica pain can be debilitating. But you don’t have to live with it. We’re here to help.

We’ve been in the chiropractic business for more than a decade, and we’ve treated countless cases of sciatica. We’ve seen firsthand the transformative power of chiropractic care for sciatica pain relief. Our approach is hands-on and individualized. We don’t just treat the symptoms; we get to the root cause of your pain. We dig deep to uncover the misalignments in your spine that may be causing the pressure on your sciatic nerve. With gentle, precise adjustments, we can help release that pressure, alleviate the pain, and restore your mobility.

But it’s not just about the physical adjustments. We’re big believers in the power of a holistic approach. We’ll guide you through exercises you can do at home to strengthen your lower back and improve your posture. We’ll give you tips on how to prevent future flare-ups, and we’ll empower you with the knowledge you need to take control of your health. We’re not just here to help you get out of pain; we’re here to help you stay out of pain. After all, isn’t it time you got back to living your life to the fullest?

The Essential Role of Understanding ‘Sciatica’

We’ve all heard of sciatica, but how many of us truly grasp what it is and why it’s so crucial to address? As experienced chiropractors with over a decade of service in St Augustine, FL, we’re here to shed some light on this common yet often misunderstood issue.

First things first, let’s clarify what sciatica actually is. It’s not a condition in itself but rather a symptom of other issues involving the sciatic nerve. When this nerve is irritated or compressed, it can cause pain, numbness, or tingling that runs from the lower back down one leg. It’s one of the most common complaints we come across in our clinic, but it’s also one that we’re well-equipped to handle.

The importance of addressing sciatica promptly can’t be emphasized enough. Unresolved sciatic pain can lead to long-term nerve damage, which is something we’re always working diligently to prevent. The good news is that with our more than 10 years of experience, we have the skills and knowledge to help alleviate sciatic discomfort and guide our patients towards a more comfortable, pain-free life. We aim to identify and treat the root cause of the problem, not just the symptoms, to ensure long-term relief and prevention.

Why is Our Specialized Sciatica Care Right for Your Needs?

Are you suffering from the numbing pain of sciatica? Is it interfering with your daily activities and quality of life? It’s time to contemplate our specialized sciatica care at East Coast Injury Clinic. We’re not just any chiropractor service; we focus on providing relief from sciatica, restoring mobility and comfort for our patients.

At East Coast Injury Clinic, we’ve tailored our services to meet the specific needs of our clients battling sciatica. We grasp that each individual’s pain can be different, and we’re committed to providing a personalized approach to care. There are three key benefits to our specialized sciatica care: 1) In-depth Assessment, 2) Integrated Treatment Approach, and 3) Restoring Mobility and Comfort.

Firstly, we conduct a thorough assessment of your condition. We don’t just focus on the symptoms; we delve deeper to identify the root cause of your discomfort. This allows us to treat the problem effectively and prevent it from recurring. Secondly, we utilize an integrated treatment approach. We don’t just rely on one method of treatment. Instead, we combine various chiropractic techniques and therapies to provide a holistic treatment plan that targets your specific needs. Lastly, our ultimate goal is to restore your mobility and comfort. We realize how debilitating sciatica can be, and we’re dedicated to helping you regain control of your life. With our specialized care, you’ll be back to your daily activities in no time, free from pain and discomfort.

East Coast Injury Clinic

Why East Coast Injury Clinic

At East Coast Injury Clinic, we’re not just any ordinary chiropractic service. With over a decade of experience, we’ve received over 400 5-star reviews and we’re proud to be an LGBTQ+ friendly clinic. We’re deeply committed to our core values of providing holistic, patient-focused, and therapeutic care. 

We’re known for our state-of-the-art patient care and highly skilled specialists, especially when it comes to treating Sciatica. We believe in treating the whole person, not just the symptoms, which is why we’re the top choice for many individuals suffering from Sciatica in St Augustine, FL. Trust us, we’ve got your back!

FAQs About Sciatica Chiropractor St Augustine, FL

Sciatica is a type of pain that radiates along the path of the sciatic nerve, which branches from your lower back through your hips and buttocks and down each leg. At East Coast Injury Clinic, we’re equipped with a highly skilled specialist who can provide a thorough, patient-focused, and therapeutic approach to alleviate the symptoms of sciatica.

We’ve got a detailed approach to diagnosing sciatica. It usually involves a thorough physical examination and your medical history. We might also recommend certain tests, such as X-rays or MRIs, to confirm the diagnosis and pinpoint the cause of your sciatica.

We offer a range of treatment options for sciatica. This can include chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, and stretches to help improve your posture and strengthen your spine. Each treatment plan is personalized according to the patient’s specific needs and condition.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all answer as everyone’s body responds differently to treatment. But we’ve found that many of our patients start seeing improvements within a few weeks of starting their treatment plan. We’re committed to helping you get back to your normal routine as quickly as possible.

Absolutely, we always encourage our patients to continue care at home. We’ll provide you with a series of exercises and stretches that you can do at home to help manage your symptoms and aid in your recovery. Regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, and good posture can also help prevent sciatica from recurring.

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We're not just treating pain, we're restoring wellness.

With over a decade of dedication and 400 glowing reviews, we at East Coast Injury Clinic are your trusted ally in holistic, patient-focused care. Don’t let sciatica control your life, let us help you reclaim it. Visit us in St Augustine, FL today, because we’re more than just chiropractors, we’re your partners in health.