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We offer certified medical exam for CDL DOT Physical for drivers seeking to obtain a commercial drivers license (CDL) or for those wishing to renew their cdl medical card. You may schedule dot exam appointments by calling our office.

We offer a comprehensive DOT physical exam that is required by the motor carrier safety administration which includes a detailed health history, blood pressure check, vision testing, hearing testing, thorough review of systems, and urine analysis for blood, sugar, protein, and specific gravity.

Prior to your DOT medical exam appointment, the following is advised:

The commercial driver candidate should bring a valid driver’s license and old medical examiner’s card (if applicable)
Drink plenty of water an hour before your appointment.

 What the DOT Physical Covers

1. Vision Check

As a drivers  your are required to have at least 20/40 acuity in each eye with or without correction. You must also have at least 70” peripheral in the horizontal meridian, measured in each eye.

2. Hearing Exam

Drivers must be able to perceive what is known as a “forced whisper” at a distance of 5ft or less, with or without a hearing aid. This standard equates to an average hearing loss in the better ear of less than 40 dB.

3. Blood pressure/pulse rate inspection

The medical examiner will check the driver’s blood pressure and pulse to look for high blood pressure and irregular heartbeats.

4. Urinalysis Test

A urinalysis is required. The test looks for indications of underlying medical conditions such as diabetes.

5. Physical Examination

The physical exam will cover a dozen different categories:

  • General appearance
  • Eyes (cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, etc.)
  • Ears (scarring of tympanic membrane, perforated ear drums, etc.)
  • Mouth and throat (to look for problems breathing or swallowing)
  • Heart (murmurs, extra sounds, pacemaker, etc.)
  • Lungs and chest, not including breast examination (abnormal breathing, impaired respiratory functions, cyanosis, etc.)
  • Abdomen and Viscera (enlarged liver, viscera, muscle weakness)
  • Vascular (abnormal pulse, carotid, varicose veins)
  • Genito-urinary (hernias)
  • Extremities (limb impaired)
  • Spine, other musculoskeletal (previous surgery, limitation of motion, tenderness, etc.)
  • Neurological (impaired equilibrium, coordination or speech pattern, ataxia, asymmetric deep tendon reflexes)

A DOT physical can only be completed by a medical examiner certified by the FMCSA. It is up to the Medical Examiner to determine if a candidate meets all the requirements, and to mark the report to the best of their knowledge.

As a leading whole body care specialist East Cost Injury maintains a current, comprehensive knowledge of DOT regulations. We require all our doctor to be FMCSA-certified so our centers will always have someone to complete DOT physicals as your primary care specialist.

Here is a link to the DOT physical requirement if you are in Jacksonville Florida.


DOT Drug Screen Requirement 

In addition to the DOT physical, you will take a DOT drug screen upon arrival.

The drug screen can detect small traces of illegal drug use including:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamines
  • Opiates
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

Landstar, a local trucking company requires a certified medical examiner provider a dot exam every two years. These tests are required by all transportation vendors as part of the federal motor carrier safety program.

Make sure before you sign up with Landstar or any other trucking company in Jacksonville FL you have you dot physical exam up to date.

It is the responsibility of the motor carrier safety administration to issue the rules and regulations that affect the safety of the public when it comes to transporting vehicles and the type of medical examination that needs to occur. For instance, the carriers must carry a form that is signed by the carrier, stating that he has checked and paid attention to all the necessary documents , like the DOT physical, and has complied with all the other requirements for transport. These rules will apply to all of the carriers that travel on public roads and highways. Therefore, you can easily get in touch with the motor carrier safety administration if you want to know what the required documents should be for each one of your vehicles.


The rule book or the manual that comes with the motor carrier safety administration will contain all the rules that you have to follow while traveling on the roads. The required documents and their requirements will also be mentioned. The rule book will be issued to you when you sign up with the carrier. This way, you will be able to make your vehicle safe and comply with all the laws that are imposed.



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