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The weight of a cent, 8-10 grams, that’s all it requires to drain the pipes typical nerve transmission to a trickle. Extending a nerve by just 6% can additionally decrease its signal stamina by 70%.


So what does that mean for you?


Your nervous system sends the information of Life. Depending on duty, density and sheath treatment, some nerves can relay info from your mind to your body at speeds surpassing 200 miles per hour.


 If those impulses are sending essential directions like ‘the amount of times your heart needs to defeat,’ or ‘just how must your body immune system react to a pre-cancerous sore,’ you desire those messages take a trip at the greatest feasible speeds… without any delay and disturbance. If those signals get blocked at the back level because of misaligned vertebrae (subluxations), damage to your health and wellness ends up being distinguished.


Continual pressure as well as stretch on back nerves might not materialize signs and symptoms right away. Destructive results normally grow slowly and quietly till a crisis takes place.

How does this occur?  Driving semis on a long hauls, fender benders, daily work efforts. These efforts slowly move your body out of position and pull on the nerves.


That’s why it is necessary to maintain your spinal column in correct position! So how do you do this? Of course with Chiropractic care … so your good health doesn’t stop on a cent.